I have started a blog.

I have started a blog. I have started this blog because I want to write, becuase I don't have enough to do. But mostly, I have started this blog becuase I want to get 'discovered'. It is my secret hope. It is the secret hope of bloggers around the world. Some big shot publisher in a cluttered corner office yells out the door at his secretary to hold his calls, shuts the door, and pushing aside the piles of bad manuscripts on his desk and ignoring the e-mails screaming from his computer begins to search the web for the next literary phenomenon. He has no interest in another blog full of uninteresting news analysis. He passes some sites beccuase there is already too much bad poetry in the world. He abhors the blogs filled with some vapid teenager's daily activities. He is growing discouraged, he is wondering if there is still hope for bloggers, for the human race, when he comes across my blog. I've found it! He is exultant. Like David Sedaris, but deeper. Philip Roth, but not so enamoured with his own words. Dave Eggers, but less narcissistic. Suddenly I'm on book tours, I have a new car, I get paid to sit at my computer and write about my life and when I publish my bad poetry, everyone buys it.


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