Cookie Monster: Tragic Hero of Sesame Street?

Imagine that you love cookies. You love them more than life itself. They are your obsession, your reason for being. I mean, your first name is Cookie, and your not even a hippie or anything. That's how important cookies are to you. And you have a huge mouth. You could easily stuff three or four cookies in your mouth at a time. And you do. But here's the problem, the thorn in your side: You don't have a throat. Or a stomach. Not even tastebuds to truly taste the cookies you so stronlgy desire. No, you are doomed to empty craving for the rest of your furry blue life.

So you are forever hungry for cookies. Forever craving their sweet chocalately chips and buttery sugary goodness. Everyday you fling cookies into your mouth with both hands, as if you could force them down your imaginary throat. But you never give up. No, each week you are filled with hope that you will finally be satisfied. And each week you find yourself dissapointed after the show, and covered with cookie crumbs.

But maybe this isn't a true tragedy. Maybe, Cookie Monster, we can all find inspiritation in your persistence, your unfailing belief that you can one day acheive your goal, pull yourself by your fuzz into cookie heaven. How American. Or maybe you are a sad delusional addict, seeking fulfillment in something that can never truly fulfill you, in a very literal sense. I don't know. Whatever. At least it makes the kids laugh.