A Nuanced View of Humor

Humor requires a certain level of oversimplification. Nuance is not funny. Too much empathy and understanding, and it's a lot harder to make fun of something. That's why some really dumb people are also really funny, and some of the most intelligent people are about as funny as a bag of rocks. A bag of humorless gray rocks, in an humorless brown bag. That is why you suck all the humor out of something by trying to analyze it. That is why the Philosphy of the Simpsons is a really boring book. That is why Sportsnight got cancelled. Now, someone is going to read this (assuming anyone reads anything I write) and say, Hey, but sometimes nuance is funny. There is plenty of intlligent humor out there, and there are plenty of highly intelligent humorous people. To them I say: Shut up. You're not funny.

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