I've discovered it. The perfect food. It's sweet and tart and I probably even good for me. It's organic dried mangos. Not just any dried mangos, organic dried mangos. It's ambrosia, the food of the gods. If by "gods" you mean rich white people, people who drive gas gussling SUV's to whole foods where they buy organic fruit and cheeses from unpolluted farms in Wyoming. But really, who knew dried fruit could be so good. In heaven, all you do is eat dried mango, well, maybe you eat some other stuff too, 'cause a box of dried mango can make you a little queasy - you eat dried mango and you laugh at all the people who can't afford such tasty treats, all those people who have to eat pesticides for lunch and greasy McDonald's hamburgers for dinner and get fat because who wants to eat fruit if it's not dried and covered in sugar. When I eat dried mango, I am not only nourishing my body, I am promoting a healthier earth, going back to the way things should be, when food was grown on tiny farms and hand picked, the way they would do it in third world countries if we didn't pay them a whole lot more to mass produce t-shirts instead. And everyone would make their own clothing and live simply and ride on horses and stay close to home. Cause that's what I want. A world that is natural and clean and simple, like my organic mangos.

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