Personality Test

Because Star Wars is what everyone is talking about, and because my roommate sent me a link, I took a star wars personality test. It said I am Emperor Palpatine. Great. I took it again, and I was Darth Vader. Then Yoda. Then R2D2. I'm not sure what to make of this. Am I a powerfl evil emperor with a serious wrinkle problem or a small green alien, also with a serious wrinkle problem. I'm not sure exactly how scientific this test is. Questions like "Are you scruffy lookin?" and "Are you a big softy at heart?" should have clued me in. My friends like to take these personality tests. Which Star Wars character are you? Which Lord of the Rings Character are you? Which brand of toothpaste are you? Often they give you a little description of your personality at the end: "You are serious but like to have fun. And loyal." Or, "You like to have fun but can be serious. And you're nice to small animals." I mean, who isn't nice to small animals. They conveniently ignore all the ways that you aren't like your assigned character. If they didn't, these tests might be considerably more entertaining: "You are serious, but like to have fun. And you are short, wrinkly, and green." Or, "You are very talented, and there is good in you, but before you discover that you will kill a whole bunch of people." And finally, "You are evil."


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