The Little Things

For reasons I won't go into here, it's not been a great weekend. But don't worry, I've got something to celebrate. It's great. And I'm wearing it. Well, I'm wearing them. Here's what I'm celebrating: my socks and my shirt: THEY MATCH!!....doesn't that make you happy too?

And it's not just like I'm wearing white socks and a white shirt. Not even black socks and a black shirt. No, my shirt is tan with green sleeves.

And my socks?

Funny you should ask, they are tan with green toes.

You might be thinking that I live a charmed life. Well, not really. I mean, they aren't exactly the same shade of tan. And my toes are a little brighter hue than my sleeves. But I do consider myself lucky. I mean, how often is it that your only pair of clean socks and the sweater you happen to be wearing match so exactly right? Not very often. Not very often at all.

Now, like I said, parts of the last few days haven't been so great. But I'm not going to dwell on that. I'm going to celebrate the little things. Little things like green toes and green sleeves (green sleeves, not greensleeves. Aw hell, I'll celelbrate greensleeves too, it's a nice melody). And Hotel Song by Regina SPektor, which I like quite a bit. And Sudoku and John Hodgeman (he's a funny guy), and the way words fit together so nicely to make sentences. And the sun on a January afternoon, how it's warm but the breeze is cool and I can wear a sweater with my sleeves rolled up.

Well, actually, the sun isn't exactly a little thing. But I like it.