A Balanced Evening

Went to see This American Life broadcast live at the Edwards MarqE Theater this evening. I know what you're thinking. That's a stupid way to spell "marquee." Well, I agree.

Or maybe you are wondering: why would you spend twenty bucks (yes, it was twenty dollars) to see a radio show.

The answer is: because Ira Glass is a handsome man.

Ok, that's not the reason. But, it was worth the twenty bucks. They showed cartoons and clips of Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along-Blog, and of course we heard some excellent story tellers speak.

Maybe twenty bucks was a little expensive, but it's hard not to love This American Life. It's so often funny and moving, and sometimes ground breaking.

I have more thoughts on the show, but it's kinda late now. When I got back, I ended up watching Speed. It was free of course, but I'm not sure it was worth it. Sure there are some exciting moments, but I could have done without the, you know, talking. Dennis Hopper and Keanu Reeves are a definitely a match made in the depths of cinematic hell.

At least lots of things exploded and cars and buses and subway trains flew threw the air. I mean, not once while I was watching This American Life did anyone say "shoot the hostage."

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