Maybe That's Why I've Never Been Into Anime

There's something perverse about are a cartoon character dying. Perhaps I feel this way because I cannot divorce animation from the Disney films I grew up on. In Disney films, the villain rarely dies. Usually he or she just kinda disappears or is banished or turned into something unpleasant. I like it better that way.

Perhaps the most disturbing scene I've ever seen in a movie is when Judge Doom dips that cartoon shoe into the dip. The part at the end where his eyes bulge out and he makes all those freaky laughing/dying sounds is a close second.

Cartoon death has been around for awhile, I guess. There's all that Anime after all. There's plenty of disturbing animation out there now. The pointlessly violent Happy Tree Friends, for example.

Most recently, I came across this animation by Ben Meinhardt. It's got kind of a heavy handed environmental message, but I do like Dancing Animals In Love. Lots of cute creatures die in these things, especially in Perfectland.

I tell my friend about it, and that I'm not sure what to make of Perfectland. She explains it to me: "I will tell you what to make of it. People are strange. Crazy shit goes through our heads. Even the normal heads."



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