When I Love You

When you are neurotic, when you are asking yourself ridiculous questions about things that don't matter, when the stuff that really worries you is just pointless, unimportant, day-to-day bullshit, that is when I love you.  When you are clumsy, when you are tripping over your own feet and when you are mumbling, when you are awkward and when you stick your foot in your mouth and then make a face because you're not sure you should have said what you just said.  When you are cheesy, when you stop pretending, when you stop putting on a show and when you are angry and honest, when you are excited about something small and stupid but somehow important to you, when you tell the same story twice, when you put on that ridiculous shirt that you love, when you cry.  That is when I love you. 

And when you are fake, when you are pedantic and condescending, when you say pretentious things, when you refuse to listen, when you are a flake and when you are afraid of life, when you hate, when you push me away...well, I guess I love you then, too.


shantel said...

I love you too.

Unknown said...

So happy you finally wrote something about me.