Grizzly Bear

Church Lady stops by. She's going to her cabin for a week in the woods somewhere.  Some place where there are bears.  "Don't look a grizzly bear in the eye," she says.  "You look one in the eye and you're dead.  As soon as you look a grizzly bear in the eye, you're a threat, and they won't hesitate."

I go back to sitting at my desk and working on my essay. I think this piece needs a violent rewrite.  I'm going to go at it like I'm a grizzly bear, and it just looked me in the eye. 

The people from Children International are roaming the intersection of 5th and Broadway again.  They act like they know you and they don't have clipboards, but don't look them in the eye.  They're like friendly, attractive grizzly bears, and they want your money. 

I've got a professor, who is trying hard, but having some trouble getting the class to talk.  She's got a class full of introverts (no surprise there, it's a class full of writers).  She wanted to know why we don't speak more in class.  I looked her in the eye.

Like a grizzly bear.

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