The Hours

Oh hello, 3am.  I was hoping you wouldn't show up so soon.  I just saw 2am and was a little surprised, considering how I had just finished up my beer with 12am and got home in time to greet 1am.  And now here I am lying in my bed watching television with you. 

7am can't be far behind.  You and 7am are much too close, really.  It's just not healthy.  I sometimes ignore 7am until 8am bugs me and then I have to hurry so I can meet 9am at the office.  Then it's much too long before I see 5pm.  5pm and I get along well.  I wish 9am and 5pm were better friends, but I just can't seem to bring them together.  I get sleepy waiting around for 5pm.  Today 3pm and I had coffee, and then I had some later with 6pm so I would be awake when I met 8pm or class. 

You're so quiet, 3am, and dark.  I hope I don't see you again for a long time. 

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