Imaginary Hipsters (and some other links)

I think you should read this post  by Linda Holmes (who is always intelligent and amusing), which confirms my recent suspicion that there's no such things as hipsters. Hipsters, my friends, are imaginary. They are straw men, the skinny-pants-wearing monsters under the bed that never come out.  The real reason we love to hate hipsters is because "hipster" is just a really fun word to say. Can you think of a word with more than four letters that is quite so satisfying to say with a sneer on your face? I didn't think so.  Linda Holmes says some other, more intelligent things that I could repeat but it won't take you too long to read her blog anyway.  (I think she might be a graduate of Rice University, too. 10 points to the Owls.)

Would hipsters like the stuff below?  I don't know, but I do, and you should read or otherwise put them on your list of stuff that is great.:

Episcorific!  New Easter Issue is out. 

The Duke of Deception by Geoffrey Wolff.  This is a good memoir.  Sometimes the author finds just the right voice to tell his story.  And it's a pretty good story. 

Magicians' Secrets Revealed (via The Rumpus)

And finally, a feel good band that I love, Fang Island.  Pitchfork said something about post-punk something or other, and I'm not sure what that means, but I know that I like the harmonies and the crunchy guitars - pretty much the happiest guitars ever.  Best listened to really loud.

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