What you are doing on Thursday

What are you doing on Thursday night?  You are going to watch me do a reading, that's what.  At a variety show!  Yes, a variety show.  Singers, dancers, a magician and me, an "essayist."  But I will be funny and charming (Did you know that I am funny and charming?  Most people who meet me do not suspect that I am either.) and I will knock 'em dead.  Knock. 'Em. Dead.  And even if I am awkward and trip over my own words (I have been known to do this before), it will be over quickly.  Don't worry though, I am going to practice.  Lots.  It will be way fun.  

So, if you are free, come and lend me your support.  Thursday, June 10th at 1 E. 29th St (the church with the garden between 5th and Madison).  Happy Hour at 7, show at 8.  $10 suggested donation which supports actors in need.


Saint Julian Press – Ron Starbuck said...

Jeremy, how delightful to be associating with actors and entertainers all. My heart will be with you on Thursday night, encouraging you to "break a leg" and knock them dead. You must record your reading, so that those who cannot be there in person, may hear it later.

Peace - Ron

Unknown said...

Hey Jeremy,

You will knock em dead, I'm sure.

I'd be knocked dead too but I'm stuck in MD til nxt Sunday. It sux here tho so I am thinking of leaving...if I came to this would you pay for my transportation and expenses?

Good luck

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