A Week

On Monday I count the money.  I start with the pledge donations, then the loose donations.  I count the money from the candle box, make sure all the presidents are facing the same direction, start with the twenties, then the tens, fives, and ones.  I add up the checks, then enter them all into a spreadsheet.  Monday, and the counting, always serves as a gentler reminder that I am not satisfied with the life I am living.  But who is, really?  It's OK, right? To be unsatisfied?  If you are satisfied with your life then you are probably boring.

On Tuesday I pay the bills.

On Wednesday I attend a staff meeting and begin prepare the bulletins to be printed.

On Thursday I print and fold the service leaflets and the prayer list.

On Friday I try to be productive. I file and make phone calls.

On Saturday I write.  Well I sit in a coffee shop with my computer in front of me and stacks of notes from my classmates trying to edit and then move to the library where the air conditioning is better.  I spend too much time on Facebook.  Some things I write are good, but it is indicative of my summer that the best thing I've written in the past two months might the be the caption for a photo on Facebook.

On Sunday I watch this romantic comedy called When In Rome while playing Battle Bears on my iPhone. This is the peril of modern life: that you will spend large portions of it watching bad romantic comedies until one day you are 62 and you realize you have spent years of your life watching these terrible romantic comedies and wasted all your talent and your time watching television (not that I didn't enjoy hanging out with my new roommates) and answering the phone and giving away your writing for free.

Anyway, I'm not worried about the time I spend watching television and the time I have spent counting money and folding bulletins and stuffing letters.  I will start to worry when I begin sitting at home watching television thinking about television, instead of sitting at home watching television thinking about how I shouldn't be watching so much television.