Seen From My Office Window

1 old man watering plants on the roof
1 cruise ship
1 pink barge
3 guys in blue shirts repairing an air-conditioner
5 water taxis
Approximately 48 potted plants on various rooftops
2 grills
1 child's toy kitchen
21 deck chairs
2 gargoyles
5-8 construction workers on top of the roof of the building across the street.They war yellow vests and bang and drill and hoist almost every day.
The 9/11 Memorial
6 helicopters
1 American Flag
1 Stop sign
Innumerable tourists
New Jersey


Jerry said...

What a great view! Outside of my office I see "a brick wall." Just saying...Also you should take out the New Jersey part for those of us not in NYC, it is crazy to imagine all that out of one window a place like Topeka or something!

Jeremiah said...

Thanks, Jerry! I feel pretty lucky to have the view.