Yeah, I'm Ridiculous Too.

I packed a sweater.  Than I took it out again.  Then I put it back in my bag.

I didn't use the restroom during the entire five hours because I didn't want to bother the girl sitting next to me on the bus. She looked grumpy.

I didn't do any research, I just applied to a few schools because I'd heard of them.  You know, Harvard, Duke, Rice, The New School.  It worked out OK,  I guess.

I didn't kiss her, even though I wanted to.

I changed my pants three times this morning.  I'm still not sure this matches.   

I ate peanut butter and jelly for about five days straight because I hate going to the grocery store.

I broke my glasses in July.  I finally got tired of not being able to read the street signs and replaced them.  In January.  

I teared up a little watching Spiderman 2.

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