Everybody's Looking for Something

The girl across the subway train is wearing a red coat.  She has black hair and three earrings in her left ear, long black hair and a narrow, pretty face, and she's reading a book called Letting God Meet Your Emotional Needs.  The word "emotional" is in flowery cursive.  She looks up from her book and I look up at an advertisement for The School of Practical Philosophy.  The advertisement promises to help students find happiness through philosophy. 

Has thinking ever made anyone happy?  It's never worked for me.  It only makes my heady cloudy until the only way I can clear it is by pacing my apartment or getting out of town.  I'm thinking about riding every subway line from one end to the other and back again.  Then I'll take the bus lines, one by one, across the city.  I'll end with the ferry, back and forth to Staten Island, back and forth until my insides quiet down and I can think straight again. 

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