Filing Cabinet

Last night I tried to put together a filing cabinet in the back room of my office.  I ordered it from Staples, expecting it to come fully assembled, and instead I found myself with wood glue on my hands and a screwdriver next to me trying to figure out which size dowel I should be inserting in which hole, per figure 3.2.  I didn't finish it. 

I could have asked the sexton to put it together, but I wanted to build something.  I love making things, whether it's a blog entry or a filing cabinet or a tower out of tin cans.  I used to make stuff in my dad's wood shop using his scroll saw and wood scraps.  I don't think my neighbors would appreciate the buzz of electric tools now, so instead I write and I play my guitar.  Sometimes I make videos and I occasionally stack the change that I've accumulated over the past six months.  Not quite the same as building something, though.  I feel whole when I'm doing something like that, focused and quiet inside for a little while.  Maybe I'll spend the rest of the afternoon finishing the filing cabinet. 

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fine furniture said...

Just what the doctor ordered. I have a wooden and light file cabinet for easy transport.